Hey there. Obviously, this blog is pretty dead. I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging anymore, but I feel like writing a bit, so please bear with me. 🙂

It’s 2016 and I’m pretty excited about this year. I plan on opening an online store selling skin care and makeup products. I hope it’ll turn out well and good. I’m really pushing for this since I want to earn extra money while I’m teaching in a preschool. I hope people will support me!!

The products won’t be here until a long while, so I’m spending the time I have building the brand. I’m not an expert Marketing person, but I know enough to know that marketing is integral to a business’ success. I don’t have the funds to hire someone else, obviously, so I’m hoping I get lucky. Hopefully, I will be able to build a nice, strong brand.

Oh, an idea popped into my head just now. I can probably center on a theme…you know, like how Etude House is all princess-y? Hmm…I wonder what my brand’s personality should be…what the dominant color is…the theme…the brand’s manner of speaking…whew. Lots of things to think about and plan for.

Speaking of, I also have to let someone make a logo for me.

I’m thinking of ~maybe~ going for minimalistic, since I’ll be carrying a couple of different brands. -but then again, minimalistic is so trendy nowadays, it’ll be difficult to stand out. And besides, with the way I’m used to speaking (if you couldn’t already tell), I’m super casual and I still don’t see how casual and minimalist will jive together. Yeah, that’s something to think about too.

Wow, I just started with updating the internet with my life…next thing you know, I’m thinking out loud.

I have to consider the theme of my blog, which I’ll be putting up on WordPress. Or probably Tumblr so it’ll get more hype that way. It’s highly shareable and stuff. Oh well, I’ll think more about this over the weekend. I still have a lot of stuff to read tomorrow, for my class on Thursday.

Random babble:

Themes to take note of: Isola, http://felixdorner.de/, Sela

Not going to be blogging anymore

Most of the things I have done have not been for me, but for others.

I guess one of them is this, my blog. Actually, I’m not very comfortable in having my thoughts read by people I don’t really know. So, I actually don’t know why I made this blog in the first place. (Prolly because the themes are so cute)

I’ve finally accepted that blogging is not for me. I’ll continue to write my thoughts and feelings and what-not, but not here. It’s too public for me, and that scares me a little bit.

Just thought of having this post up for closure. 😉

See ya~ I might pop in once in a while.

Happiness brings success

I love reading Psychology articles. They’re interesting, and very insightful, if you allow them to be.

I read this one just now. It’s a really nice article, and here are my take-aways from it:

  • Happiness brings success, not the other way around.
  • How can you increase your happiness?
    • See setbacks as challenges to overcome, not as threats.
    • Lend support to those who need it. (And accept support from friends, too!)
    • List the things you’re grateful for.

I have to admit, I have a big problem with sub-bullet point number 1. I get stressed way too easily. It has something to do with my low self-esteem, so I immediately think that I cannot overcome the challenge before me. Well, I’m determined to change that this time around. Here’s to a more optimistic me!

With the second sub-bullet, I have no problem with, I think. I love being around my friends, and I sure hope they like being around me, too. LOL.

Last but not the least, I’ll try listing what I am grateful for on a daily basis. Or maybe every other day, so it doesn’t take up much of my time.

Note to my future self

If ever you start questioning your dreams, read this.

Remember why you want to become a preschool teacher. You want to become a preschool teacher, because children make you happy. Children are exciting, curious creatures, and you want to help them achieve their full potential. Early childhood is an important part of development, so you want to be there, not to dictate what they should do, but to guide them in their discoveries. By doing so, you want them to know that each and every one of them is special in their own ways. They should believe in themselves and not let anyone trample on their dreams. You want to encourage them to be brave and independent enough to go for it, whatever other people say.

You want to be a preschool teacher, because you feel so much for the kids. You excel in interacting with them; not everyone can do that. So next time somebody looks down on you for being a preschool teacher, remember: It’s a noble profession, and you’re sorry that that person can’t do what *you* do.

Orientation Day at Summit School

K, 3-year-old Indian boy.
Os, Ow, and L (the blonde-haired boy).

Today, I woke up at 5:20 AM to get ready for my preschool internship orientation. The orientation was supposed to start at 9, but because Ms. Mei wasn’t there (the one who was to meet me), it wasn’t until 11 that I was able to talk to the overall coordinator, Ms. Dreena.  Thankfully, I was allowed to kill the time by spending it with the children. I got immersed in the threes class first, where I met Ow, N, and K. Ow is of Caribbean-Chinese decent, while N is French, and K is Indian. Ow had no problem warming up to me. Just moments after I stepped into the room, I asked for a high-five, which he happily gave. Naomi, on the other hand, was a bit slower in warming up to me. She’ll respond to me by smiling shyly. Eventually, though, she started answering my questions. I asked her to cook for me, and she did. She cooked me a…watermelon. LOL.

K was the most difficult of them all. He was sticking to Teacher C. all the time and wouldn’t come near me, prompting N to exclaim, “Teacher Diane, you should stay there, because Khandan’s a bit shy of you!” (They’re such cutipatooties~)

Since today was the children’s last day, the threes and the ones had a shared activity. I don’t know what it’s called, but we played with jell-os that were placed in the water. We squished the jell-os until they were tiny. During that activity, I got to converse with a 2-year-old Indian girl named Zai. She was really good. She kept saying, “The water’s not for splashing, the water’s not for drinking!” And I’d say, “That’s right, Zairah!” At times, she would give me a jell-o for me to squish with my hands. I placed a jell-o on her cheek, and then she said, “WOW! It’s cold!” Such an adorable kid.

After the activity, we went back inside. There were lots of snacks for the children — spaghetti, cupcakes, cookies. It was during this time that I was able to make friends with K (hence the nice photo above :D)! K is a boy of few words. It started when I was looking at an Instax photo of him. I asked who the person was in the photo, and he answered by pointing to himself and smiling shyly. I was all, “Yeah, K, that’s you! You have such a nice smile. Why don’t you try smiling with your teeth showing?” And he did! I was so happy. We hit it off right after that. I even had some of his snacks, which were very healthy (almonds, walnuts, and raisins).

At 11, I was called to Ms. Dreena’s office, and she gave me a teacher’s manual. I am so excited to start my internship. I hope I’ll be a likeable and effective teacher~

Dealing with stress

Only my closest friends know that I’ve struggled with anxiety attacks. 

Due to a long history with my mom, I’ve never been confident about myself. I can never remember a moment when I didn’t question my beliefs, skills, and ideas. I always doubted myself…leading me to become dependent on the decisions other people make for me. Now that I am too old for that, I get frozen when I am called to make my own decisions. I can’t trust myself enough to make them. Worse, I let myself succumb to giving up when things get rough, something that isn’t good for me at all. 

I know that I have to change that. It’s high time I believe in myself. It’s also about time that I carefully choose what to spend my time on, considering that I have not fully recovered from my anxiety. Granted, I’m better than I was before because I know what’s happening to me. Still, I have to be careful how I spend my time, lest I become overwhelmed again. 

At this point, all I want is to be able to graduate. Nothing comes before that. I graduate, and hopefully I get to work at a preschool and have a stall in school open at the same time. 

Babies, Books, and Work

Hello, world! This post is going to be about general updates on my life!

  1. I am two weeks into my internship at Risque Designs.
  2. I am going to Summit School, located at Urdaneta Village, for my preschool internship!
  3. Two of my pamangkins were born this month, one day apart from each other.

What have I been up to at my internship? As I’ve said, I’m a Marketing intern, so my task is to call/email/text potential partners and distributors. I’ve sent so many emails that I can’t remember which companies I’ve emailed. I’ve done two or three Keynote presentations too. I’m really glad my superior liked my output, because DUN DUN DUNN — it was my first time to make one. Oh, right. I told you in my previous post. I *kind of* lied during my interview (that I knew how to make presentations). Oh well, I guess I made up for it, because I tried my best (promise).

I also assisted the Risque team during a photoshoot last week, held in UP Diliman. Thought I was going to be a model (finally), but no. They only took pictures of my foot. TT_TT HAHA. Oh well — maybe it’s the start of my modelling career, at least? (Wishful thinking)

Yesterday, I was tasked to write a letter of intent to the leasing manager of SM Aura. Risque Designs is planning to put up a kiosk in malls, so stay tuned for that! 🙂 We’re going to have a meeting this Monday, and I’m excited. It’s going to be my first legit business meeting, so hooray for me~

About my preschool internship, I’m starting on June 15; though I wish they would let me start earlier, so I could finish sooner. I’m lucky I have a friend who’s interning near my preschool, so I’m just gonna ride with her (thanks, my friend!!). However, I still have to commute for a week or two, because she ends her internship sooner than I do. Have I mentioned how much of a hassle commuting in the Philippines is?! GAWD. MRT, PLEASE FIX YOUR LAYF. Don’t be such a dum-dum. Sigh. Anyway, I’m fine with commuting, as long as I want what I’m doing. And hell yeah, I want to be a preschool teacher. 😀 Be ready for me, kids!

The third point is pretty self-explanatory…but I’ve got more to say about it, hehe. Sorry, you’ve gotta bear with me. One is named Kian, and the other’s named Zach. Such fancy names, I know. I think I’m going to name my son Pepito (or Pepita, if she’s a girl) so his name is unique. 😛 We’re going to Cagayan tomorrow to visit baby Zach. I’m excited for that, yes — but I’m also excited for super fast internet!! Internet at home sucks, I swear. I can’t do anything on it at all, even Facebook chat. It’s worse than dial-up…I think.

Oh, and because I’ll be flying to Cagayan tomorrow, I’ll be foregoing an opportunity of a lifetime!!! BAWL~ Risque Designs is appearing on Unang Hirit on Friday, and I was supposed to be there and be interviewed too. SIGH. I WAS SUPPOSED TO APPEAR ON TV, PEOPLE! They were supposed to interview me and my boss and my fellow intern. But no, I won’t be there. Hayy…if I could only cancel my flight, I would.

So there you go, a boring general life update! See ya soon.

P.S. I’m starting this project called “ONE BOOK PER WEEK”. I hope I will be able to push through with it. First up on my list is Influence by Robert Cialdini. 😀

Here’s to growing up

One more day until my business meeting with my bosses, Ms. Tal and Ms. Bella! I have only a vague idea of what’s in store for me, but I am excited. What they’ve told me so far is that their business is on the move to switching to a different strategy, so I am tasked to help them with this. I imagine going to potential business partners and presenting to them the Risque Designs brand. I think I would have no problem talking to a few people, just please don’t put me in a crowd. If that’s the case, though, I guess I would have to suck it up — besides, it would be good for character building, I guess???

During my interview, they also asked me if I know how to make presentations using Keynote or PowerPoint. I said yes…what I didn’t tell them was that I only know the bare minimum. HAHA. I don’t even know how to insert animations. SIGH…I would have to learn. Yes, these days, I really have got to learn how to make some nice presentations, whether Ms. Tal requires it or not. I expect that it would be required of me in the future, anyway.

I wish that it’s a paid internship, mainly for the sake of my parents. I’m doing this internship not for school, but for my own benefit (I like learning, okay…). However, my parents being my parents won’t let me drive alone OR live at our condo alone (-_-), so I would be bothering them every time I have to run some errands. So I feel a bit ashamed too. :S

On another note, this break has been the most stressful and happy (not really the exact word I am looking for but it’ll have to do for now) I’ve had. Stressful because cough family problems cough. Long story short, I’ve resigned to using my gadgets less and doing other things more. It was hard to do at first, because frankly, I did not know what else to do.

Eventually, though, I found a new hobby!!! Y A Y 😀 I’ve been making these mini LEGO figures — right now I’ve got Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse dressed as Batman, Stitch, Mario, and a minion! It’s a very addicting hobby — I just can’t stop once I start building one. Currently, I’m working on a (much) bigger version. It’s a Big Ben tower! I will post a photo once I finish it.

To add to that, I’ve made my first meal! I really found myself missing Korean food, and incidentally, there was a Korean cookbook lying around in the house. On my own initiative (I know, right? Where’d I get it?!), I asked my mom if I could go to the grocery and buy the necessary ingredients for bibimbap, bulgogi, dak galbi, and japchae. OF COURSE she didn’t want me to go alone, so I had to wait a few hours until she was done doing her stuff. AND the rest is history. I mixed the ingredients to make the bulgogi marinade, chopped some carrots, and left the meat in the marinade overnight. Today, I had it for lunch. It wasn’t as good as the one I had in Nami Island, but it’s okay. I made my first meal and I’m happy! I am leaving the other dishes for another day.


Day 3 of Korea: Lotte World + N Seoul Tower

According to weather forecasts, this day was going to be a rainy day, so we decided to spend the day indoors. Pretty smart of us, huh?

So, Lotte World. Sadly, I lost my guidebook, and I’m writing just from memory. I can’t remember the names of the rides I’ve gone on, but I think I can describe them…well enough, hopefully.  Before that, a little background on Lotte World. I kept hearing from my mom that Lotte World opened fairly recently. I don’t know where she got that information, but it doesn’t matter because Lotte World sure looks like it’s new. A pretty fountain with Lotte World characters greets you at the main entrance, and the walls are made of marble. Very royal.

Anyway, when we got to the ticket counter, we got a bit confused. Apparently, there are two types of tickets.  One entitles you to ride on all attractions, but the other only grants you entrance to the theme park. You can’t go on rides. Of course we got the first one. Korea is a tourist-friendly spot, so be sure to check the internet for discount coupons. I checked online while we were at the ticket counter, and tada~ I was able to get a 30% discount. Yeah, I think it was 30%. Hehe.

My favorite attraction is the Flume Ride. It’s a really short ride, and it takes you up and down (and again). And then it ends. It’s perfect for thrill-seekers-but-a-scaredy-cat — like me. It gives you the thrill, but it give you a heart attack. Please, you can never get me on one of those 360-degree roller coasters. Nope, not at all.  BEFORE I FORGET! Buy from this ice cream store. Their ice cream is so yummy. I love how it melts in your mouth…and the flavor! My goodness, it’s one of the best chocolate ice creams I’ve ever tried. (I know my description is lame. HAHA. Sorry, but please just trust me on this one.)

I got the chocolate ice cream! So yummy~

We eventually got bored, so we bid Lotte World goodbye. I really wanted to go home because I was tired, but my mom had other plans. So off to N Seoul Tower we went~     My friends suggested that I be there by 4:30 PM so I could witness the sun set. They were right. It was really pretty up there.

Sunset view at N Seoul Tower

I wished Jay was there with me, so we could put our own love lock. To symbolize our love and blah blah blah. My thing, not really his thing. But I really want to do it. [-( Maybe next time. I hope, haha.

Stitch is so cute forever

For dinner we ate at the burger shop. It’s “the best burger in Seoul”, but not really. The burger patties in WHAM! Burgers, are, for example, more flavorful. Well, in general, food in Korea aren’t as salty…so for people who are used to salty/flavorful food, food in Korea are gonna come off as boring and *not* flavorful.

Not in the mood to finish this post nicely. Things at home have been difficult and I’m emotionally and physically drained. I can’t think straight; I forget even the most common words. It’s frustrating, UGH. Maybe I’ll be posting about this in the future. Just not soon.  P.S. Posting after weeks of intermittent writing. 😦 Sorry.

Day 4 of Korea: Everland

The Magic Tree~

I’m on my way home from Korea’s most famous theme park, Everland. It’s a 2 hour trip (I repeat: TWO hour trip) from Dongdaemun by subway. I heard it’s a shorter ride by taking the subway + bus combo (1 hour and 20 minutes), so I suggest you do your research first (so you don’t blame me if I’m giving you the wrong info here hehe besides, I can’t really tell since I’ve never taken it myself).

My friend Cristel, who’s been to Korea, suggested that Everland be a one-day thing, and I agree. You’ve already wasted an hour and more on transportation, so it’s best to make the most out of your stay. On a Friday (speaking from my experience, not generalizing here), the lines for the popular attractions — Lost Valley, Safari World, and Amazon Express — take approximately 70 minutes.

The waiting time is heaven actually, as compared to other theme parks I’ve been to before.

The attractions I went to where the above-mentioned three, all located at Zoo Topia; Mystery Mansion, Rotating House, and Space Tour (Rio) at European Adventure; Global Village at Magic Land; and K-pop Hologram at Global Fair.

I recommend you go on everything I mentioned, except Mystery Mansion and Space Tour (Rio). For more info, here is a description for the attractions I went to:

  • Lost Valley: I rode this cool amphibian car to see giraffes, tigers, and more animals (I forgot what they’re called, but I haven’t seen them anywhere else before). Oh, and an amphibian car means that it can run on water and land. Cool beans! Oh, and I think I also saw an elephant. Not actually sure if it was this ride or Safari World…
  • Safari World: Essentially similar to Lost Valley. I rode an enclosed bus, and I saw grizzly bears! They could perform tricks…I don’t know how to feel about that, though. One bear could twirl, another would do a praying pose and could catch his food, and the other could open and close his mouth fast.
  • Amazon Express: Not an original, I’ve rode this in other theme parks before — but definitely one of the most fun rides in any theme park. The experience is similar to river rafting, if you’ve gone on one before.
  • Mystery Mansion: Can’t help but compare this one to the Buzz Lightyear attraction in Hong Kong Disneyland. Concept is the same, but this one’s technology is too old, I think. And the shooting takes your attention away from the spooky theme, so you’re not spooked at all.
  • Rotating House: This was an original. Never went on one like it before, so I am very happy with my experience with it. I don’t understand the backstory since I can’t understand Korean, but you go into this little room and get thrown around 360 degrees. It’s just an illusion, though, so nothing to worry about.
  • Space Tour: Really sucked. Don’t waste your time on it. It takes you on a flight in the streets; scenes are taken from Rio (remember Blu, the civilized bird?). Boring and the technology is obviously outdated, compared to the ones in Lotte World (more on that in a separate post).
As far as I remember, this is a sheep…with horns. Yeap, I’m serious.
Camels (Lost Valley)!
A giraffe, up close and personal! At Lost Valley.
  • Global Village: A chill ride similar to Disney’s Small World. A boat takes you around a ~park that showcases the highlights of every country (well, not really  e v e r y t h i n g).
  • Kpop Hologram: The. Coolest. Thing. Ever. It’s like, the idol is right in front of you. Very realistic. It runs every 30 minutes, and it changes the performance for every run. The cycle goes through PSY, 2NE1, and Big Bang.

I wanted to go on more attractions, especially in Magic Land (this part of the park targets children — suits me very fine). However, we had to leave by 7:30 PM because it was going to be a long way home. And to make the most out of my time, I proceeded to write this post. So, here it is~

See you soon!